Terms and Conditions – Professional



1)Ownership of the platform

Bon Bags Srl, is the sole owner of the web platforms www.bags-free.comwww.bags-free.it and network.bags-free.com, through which the Luggage Storage Service and additional related services are managed, as well as all the related inherent and consequent rights to the exploitation of the platform.

The Service is offered through the network.bags-free.com platform, and mobile applications that are under its control.


2)Content of the Service

Bon Bags S.r.l. transport and storage company with registered office in Via Alfredo Catalani, 39 Rome Italy, makes available, of Professional Luggage Storage (Suppliers), which intend to use it, a web based service that allows to publish online the availability of spaces used for the storage of baggage at own luggage storage.


3)Terms of use of the Platform

The publishing service of available spaces of luggage storage on network.bags-free.com platform is completely free.

The Service offered consists of the sale of these spaces to customers interested in depositing their baggage for a few hours, or days, and any other related services.


4)Hours/Days Opening of Professional Luggage Storage

The Supplier has to insert in to the dedicated space for his deposit or communicate by email the opening and closing time of own luggage storage, including any partial or total closures, for public holidays.

Any baggage shipping costs, as a result of failure to collect during the published opening hours of the deposit, are charged to the customer.

Any baggage shipping costs, as a result of failure to notify the closure by the Supplier, are charged to the Supplier.


5)Prices for Final Buyer

The list prices to the public of the spaces made available by the Supplier are indicated in the space dedicated to luggage storage, or by writing to the following email  network@bags-free.com.

The Bon Bags provides to insert the available spaces, with the agreed prices, equal or lower to the official list prices, on the network@bags-free.com platform.

These official list prices may be updated at any time by the Supplier entering the update in the space dedicated to own Luggage Storage , or sending the update by email.

The Supplier undertakes to collaborate with Bon Bags to inform it promptly in the case of changes to some of them, so that Bon Bags can also change the list of List Prices available on the Platform.


6)Contractual Relationship and Responsibility

In relation to the supply of space and custody of baggage on the website, the contractual relationship is established between the Final Customer and the Supplier through the Bon Bags network.bags-free.com platform.

Bags Free Network offers an intermediation service between the Final Customer and the Supplier and cannot be considered an integral part of the contract.

Bon Bags Srl doesn’t accept responsibility as a contracting party.


7)Sending Reservation

Once the Final Customer has completed the order by reserving a space for his baggage on the Free Network Bags Platform, choosing the Supplier’s Professional Luggage Storage, Bon Bags will send in real time to the Supplier, by email, the reservation received with the relative data.


8)Booking Cancellation

There is no refund in case of cancellation by the Final Customer.

Any cancellation will be communicated in real time, via email, to the Supplier.


9)Baggage and/or boxes acceptance

It is allowed to accept baggage and/or boxes containing personal items, of low commercial value, not prohibited by law.

Objects whose value is not sentimentally relevant to the customer (objects of personal value, special clothes – from collections, bridal wear, etc.)

It is not allowed in the luggage storage baggage and/or boxes containing:

  1. Money (coins,  credit cards and travellers checks);
  2. Other non-negotiable values;
  3. goods for resale;
  4. Technological Material (Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, Pc, Smartphone, ecc);
  5. Metals (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones;
  6. Watches.
  7. Licenses and certificates negotiable (bills of lading);
  8. Software containing information of high value;
  9. Art objects;
  10. Antiques;
  11. Documents, tenders for participation in tenders and public or private, carte values, meal vouchers and coupons, etc.
  12. Architectural Models;
  13. Furnishings

It is not allowed to deposit objects prohibited by law or considered dangerous under national law or whose packaging can be harmful to humans, the environment or other stored baggage.

The deposit of the following items is prohibited:

  1. Food and Liquids
  2. Plants and animals live or dead;
  3. Material that can be defined as pornographic or an adulterous;
  4. Armaments, firearms and weapons;
  5. Waste;
  6. Political Material;
  7. Hazardous Materials;
  8. Narcotic or psychotropic substances;
  9. Bulky goods;
  10. Pharmaceutical products;
  11. Cigarettes and alcohol;
  12. Fragile Objects, such as glass, bottles, etc.
  13. Biological Tissues and anatomical parts



The Supplier must receive, preserve and keep the luggage for the period indicated in the reservation.

Any theft for lack of custody is the responsibility of the Supplier.

Any changes to the number of bags, or time of custody and deposit, must be immediately communicated to Bon Bags Srl with email at the following address:


When accepting baggage at own luggage storage, the Supplier has to give to the customer a receipt indicating the following data:

  • name and surname
  • number of luggage
  • date of pick up
  • date of drop off
  • identification of each luggage (for example seal code, location, etc.)



Payment for the luggage custody of final customer

The price of the luggage custody indicated on the website will be paid online to Bon Bags by the final Customer, when ordering on the site.

Bon Bags will collect the total amount of the order on behalf of the Supplier

Payments to the Supplier

Bon Bags will turn over the customer’s payment to the Supplier, net of 20% VAT included of the list price, by bank transfer, on the 1st day of each month, to balance of the orders concluded the previous month.


Together with the payment, every 1st of the month, Bon Bags will send the invoice of 20% retained as own remuneration for the brokerage performed.


12)Quality of provided services

The Supplier undertakes to keep the Customer’s luggage with the diligence of a good family father, making sure to return it in the same state in which it was received.

At the time of acceptance any visible damage must be indicated, if necessary ascertained by digital photography, in order to check the actual status at the time of delivery.

The space used for baggage storage must be locked, access will be controlled by the Supplier and allowed only to authorized personnel.

The Supplier must also provide adequate shelter in order to protect the baggage from damage and guarantee its integrity.


13)Responsibility for the services provision

The Supplier indemnifies Bon Bags from any damage, claim or any kind of expense for any damage, even involuntary, to baggage, occurred within own luggage storage.

In case of any damage occurred after the acceptance of the baggage at the luggage storage, the Supplier must immediately notify Bon Bags and the Final Customer.


Damages NOT RECOGNIZED and NOT REFUNDABLE to the Final Customer

  • Breakage of handles, rods, wheels, hinges and zip rings, as they are stressed by the internal load of the luggage
  • Request for moral damages and lost profits
  • Any item included at point 9
  • Any object left loose, not inserted inside the baggage and/or box: like a jacket left on top of the baggage, externally attached travel pillow, bottles inserted in external pockets, etc., a non-exhaustive list
  • Damage resulting from another baggage, for which only the owner of the baggage is responsible
  • Small damages (small scratches, etc.) resulting from the deposit operations
  • Items inside the baggage and/or box that have not been packaged in a reasonably protective and safe manner
  • Damage attributable to normal wear and tear
  • Eventual  losses or damage caused directly or indirectly by force majeure events. These include without limitation earthquakes, storms, adverse weather conditions or natural physical disasters, power outages, epidemics, labor conflicts, civil unrest or riots, war, acts of terrorism or acts of God
  • Nonpayment of the price due to the Supplier


14)Direct Transaction

The Supplier agrees to mediate and transact the requested amount of Refund directly with the Customer.

Only in the case of a failed agreement between the parts will proceed with the request for a Standard or Extra Reimbursement with Bon Bags Srl.


15)Damage to the Supplier and other Customers

The Customer is responsible for the content of his baggage and fully responds to any damage caused by missing or unsuitable packaging, which causes damage to the Supplier or another Customer.

The reimbursement of damages caused to the Supplier or to another customer must be immediately communicated to Bon Bags and shown with digital photos.

The Bon Bags together with the injured person will be activated judicially to request the necessary refund for the damage caused.



The information obtained for the purpose of performing the services, will be managed in compliance with privacy legislation, as Privacy Policy published on the  network.bags-free.com website.

The data uploaded on the website concerns: 1) the name, surname, address, telephone number and email address of the final Buyer; 2) quantitative data of baggage left in custody;

The data will be processed for the purpose of execution of the contract with manual, IT and/or telematic methods, and communicated to the Supplier for the sole purpose of performing the service.

The Parties may at any time verify the data in their mutual possession and to make them  integrate, update or rectify.

The Parties mutually consent to the processing of their data.


17)Service provision limitations

Bon Bags S.r.l. reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt, in whole or in part, the Service at any time also without notice and without it being required to indicate the reasons underlying the aforementioned actions.

Bon Bags S.r.l. cannot be held responsible for damages consequent failure to provide the Service which is the subject of this contract due to the incorrect or non-functioning due to the incorrect or failed functioning of the electronic means of communication causes unrelated to the sphere of its predictable control.

For example, but not limited to, the malfunctioning of the servers and other electronic devices even if these are not an integral part of the Internet network, malfunction of installed software, computer viruses, as well as hacker actions or other users having access to the network.


18)Jurisdiction, applicable law and competent court

The relationships between Bon Bags Srl and users are governed by Italian law and jurisdiction, according to which also present General Conditions must also be interpreted.

Except as provided by mandatory legal provisions, the Court of Rome will be exclusively competent to settle any disputes concerning these General Conditions and the relationships governed by them.



These conditions may be subject to change. In case of substantial modifications, Bon Bags S.r.l. will notify the user by email or other means of communication.


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